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Premium materials and technology for optimised nightly wellbeing

As adults, we spend at least one-third of our lives striving to be the best we can be at the workplace, making use of the latest technology to help us along the way. So, why cut corners when it comes to your nightly base for restorative sleep? 

The Wellness Collection from MattressAndMore is our carefully curated selection of locally-manufactured sleep solutions, all driven by the core understanding that proper sleep is a pillar supporting optimal health and wellness, alongside exercise and a healthy diet.

We’ve sourced the finest materials, and implemented the latest sleep technology into The Wellness Collection of mattresses, to provide our customers with a restorative night’s rest, thus boosting energy reserves and relieving pain in a setting of supreme comfort.

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Bamboo Pillow Top 12

Bamboo Pillow Top

Plant-based cooling comfort with physical wellbeing at its core

Bamboo Quilted

Amazing natural properties of Bamboo are fully realised
Organic Cotton Quilted 1 A

Organic Cotton Quilted

Enjoy the natural cooling comfort of organic cotton
Organic Pillow Top 1

Organic Cotton Pillow Top

Rest easy in the healthiest of night-time environments
Medicycle 1 C


Feel the restorative power of five unique energy stones every night

Copper Infused

Experience total body recovery while you rest
Memory Master 1 A

Memory Master

Layers of open-cell memory foam comfort and orthopaedic support

Wool Natural

The exceptional properties of natural Wool in your mattress
Biorhythmic 1 A


Optimising intra-body communication