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Organic Cotton Pillow Top Mattress

Organic Cotton Pillow Top Mattress

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Product Information: Exclusive to The Wellness Collection by MattressAndMore, the Organic Cotton Pillow Top mattress incorporates, you guessed it, Organic Cotton that’s grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, fertilisers or other chemicals. That means that the one-third of your life that’s spent in bed on an Organic Cotton mattress can help resynchronise your body to nature after a day spent on busy city streets or traffic.

Advanced Memory Foam

The Organic Cotton Pillow Top mattress features high-density rebound and memory foam that limits partner disturbance and conforms to the unique shape of your body. Temperature-regulating properties also dissipate excess body heat through foam pores, leaving you in cooling comfort at any time of year.

Pocket Spring Technology

The base of the Organic Cotton Pillow Top is our Five-Zoned Pocket Spring System, providing each part of your body with the distinct level of support it requires when laying in bed. Pocket springs work independently to limit partner disturbance when there’s weight on another side of the mattress, and also provide an additional ventilating boost.

Eco-Friendly Comfort

Organic Cotton is about as pure a night-time environment as you could wish for. Enjoy the full benefits with an additional layer of luxurious Pillow Top softness, just in case you weren’t comfortable enough already.

Why choose the Organic Cotton Pillow Top mattress?

Eco-friendly – Built with natural Organic Cotton that’s grown without the use of pesticides.

Pocket springs – Intelligent mattress-making technology for seamless and even cushioning.

Back relief – High-density memory foam and pillow top softness.

Irish-made – Produced in Tullamore, Offaly, with dedication and trusted techniques

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