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Kensington Mattress

Kensington Mattress

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Product Information: The Kensington Mattress is an adaptable mattress that offers tailored comfort for any season.

Each side of the Kensington Mattress has a unique purpose.... the summer side provides cooling comfort, while the winter side offers gentle heat storage.

With polyester fillings and warm knitted fabric, this versatile mattress provides a 2 in 1 solution to match the seasonal. Simply flip the Kensington over as the temperature and humidity begins to shift for optimal comfort during any time of the year.

With orthopaedic springs throughout the entire mattress, you can anticipate 360 degrees of support in any sleeping position. A comfortable mattress that provides optimal temperatures for ideal sleeping conditions.

Seasonally Adjusted – Offers a winter and summer side for either coolness or warmth.

Contouring – Built with top-tier memory foam for a tailored night’s sleep.

Quality – Couples 12.5 gauge orthopaedic springs with a 6-gauge rod edge and link base support.

Locally-Crafted – This 25cm thick mattress is proudly produced in Ireland.

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