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Medicycle Mattress

Medicycle Mattress

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Product Information: Designed to respond to the busy modern lifestyle, experience the restorative power of five unique energy stones every night with our Medicycle mattress, exclusive to The Wellness Collection by MattressAndMore.

Getting to sleep at night can be challenging. Stressful thoughts and a tired mind are barriers to adequate rest. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile with the Medicycle, where the mantra is supreme relaxation.

Feel The Energy

A specially-selected variety of five different coloured energy stones have been dispersed throughout the Medicycle mattress fabric, each emitting their own distinctive energy wavelength. What you’re left with is a therapeutic sleeping environment, designed to leave you feeling fully refreshed the next morning.

A Powerful Base

The Medicycle offers medium firmness, incorporating layers of open-cell breathable foam and our Five-Zoned Pocket Spring System. The foam’s inherent temperature-regulating properties work to dissipate excess body heat between the sheets. Meanwhile, the pocket spring system provides a distinct level of support for each part of your body, from top to toe, leaving you with a smooth and restorative sleeping base.

For couples, this is an ideal sleep solution. Those individually-wrapped pocket springs serve to limit partner disturbance when the other-half hops in bed, while reinforced edge support, provides for maximised sleep space on the mattress.

Why choose Medicycle?

Feel the energy – Five energy stones are dispersed for a relaxation boost.

Cooling comfort – Open-cell breathable foam and anti-bacterial material.

Pocket springs – Intelligent mattress-making technology for seamless and even cushioning.

Irish-made – Produced in Tullamore, Offaly, with dedication and trusted techniques.


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