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Copper Infused Mattress

Copper Infused Mattress

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Product Information: For millennia, copper bracelets have been cited by many civilizations as a natural remedy for pain and inflammation, manifesting itself primarily in modern day Arthritis. That’s why at MattressAndMore, we’ve developed the Copper Infused mattress for The Wellness Collection to help you experience greater whole body recovery while you rest.

Revitalised Rest

Copper is an excellent heat conductor, but that doesn’t mean your bed will feel like a hot press every night. Copper-infused fabric works to absorb excess body heat and dissipate it away to keep you cooler on warm summer nights.

Copper also has excellent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, meaning your mattress stays fresher for much longer.

Smart Support

Built on our Five-Zoned Pocket Spring System, the Copper Infused mattress provides a distinct level of pain relieving support for each part of your body, from top to toe, leaving you with a smooth and restorative sleeping base.

Providing a medium-firm feel for optimal orthopaedic relief, the Copper Infused mattress is also ideal for couples. Individually-wrapped pocket springs work independently to minimise partner disturbance whatever weight lands on the other side of the bed

Layers of durable, breathable, open-cell memory foam work alongside the Copper Infused fabric to dissipate excess body heat away from the surface. And then it’s finished off with a layer of Pillow Top softness to provide a cradle of exquisite comfort every single night.

Why choose Copper Infused?

Copper power – Recharge at night with the benefits of copper.

Cooling comfort – Copper-infused material absorbs and dissipates excess body heat.

Back relief – The Five-Zone Pocket Spring System provides premium orthopaedic support.

Irish-made – Produced in Tullamore, Offaly, with dedication and trusted techniques.

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