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Bamboo Quilted Mattress

Bamboo Quilted Mattress

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Product Information: With its ever-evolving uses in everything from construction to hurley making, the amazing natural and durable properties of Bamboo are finally being fully realised. Now, you can experience those benefits every night with the unique therapeutic and cooling properties of our Bamboo Quilted mattress.

Bamboo’s Bed Benefits

Exclusive to The Wellness Collection by MattressAndMore, the negative ions of this natural anti-bacterial bamboo-infused fabric can have a positive effect on blood circulation, thus helping to improve quality of life, physical recovery and mental wellbeing.

Our bodies accumulate a large amount of negative charges throughout the day, contributing to lethargy and even anxiety. The anti-static fabric of the Bamboo Quilted mattress works to attract those negative charges from the body and disperse them away from the mattress, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed in both body and mind.

Bamboo is also an excellent moisture absorber, keeping you cool on warm summer nights and also cosy as the nights set in. But that’s not all. Natural Bamboo fabric is excellent at neutralising odours, meaning your mattress can stay fresher for longer.

Pain-Relieving Stability

The Bamboo Quilted mattress incorporates our Five-Zoned Pocket Spring System to limit partner disturbance and provide consistent support at your pressure points. This is allied with high-density breathable memory foam to supply you with a medium-firm feel for responsive and long-lasting orthopaedic support.

The temperature-regulating properties of our memory foam also work to dissipate excess body heat away from the body, providing you with the optimal sleeping temperature between the sheets.

Why choose Bamboo Quilted?


Bamboo benefits – Negative ions support blood circulation.

Orthopaedic support – High-density memory foam on top of our Five-Zoned Pocket Spring System

Breathable fabric – Dust mites can’t handle this much airflow.

Irish-made – Produced in Tullamore, Offaly, with dedication and trusted techniques

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