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Bamboo Quilted - Bed Set

Bamboo Quilted - Bed Set

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So what’s included in our Divan Bed Set Deals….

1. Bed Base
2. Mattress
3. Headboard

From Single to Superking, something for everyone!

Sleep Has a Significant Effect on your overall Wellness

  • Rite Nite Bamboo quilted is based on the Bamboo quilted mattress that presents a unique touch in mattress fabric for perfect sleep and comfort.
  • A natural option for comfortable and healthy sleep.
  • Natural Bamboo, is durable, comfortable and breathable (thus no dust mites will live in it as they cannot live in a breathable environment).
  • Thanks to its unique properties, Bamboo keeps us cool in Summer and snug in the Winter.
  • One of Bamboo’s main benefits is it’s Anti-Bacterial properties. Bamboo grows without the use of pesticides or chemicals. This makes Bamboo the perfect mattress fabric for people with Allergies.
  • Bamboo’s Anti-Bacterial components also serves as a natural deodorant, this ensures that Bamboo mattress fabric always smells as Fresh as New.

Most Important:

  • Bamboo fabric generates Negative Ions which have a very positive effect on blood circulation.
  • Optimum blood circulation greatly improves Our Quality of Life, Body Healing and feeling of Well – Being. It also helps to relieve Fatigue, increases Metabolism and helps to cool the body while we sleep.

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