Direct From The People Who Make It

Memory Orthopaedic provides quilted comfort and detailed knitting for plush softness. 

With sturdy, 12.5 gauge springs, Memory Ortho relieves tension while offering counter to your body as you move.

Additionally, its memory foam provides a soft and eloquent feel that nurses you to sleep. 

Memory Ortho also includes distinct quilting and artisan-level knitting for best-in class pressure relief and total-body restoration.

This 25cm thick mattress gently eases you to sleep while relieving pressure points through steady and dependable support.

A brilliantly crafted mattress that’s imbued with quality inside and out.


  • Partner-Optimised With even support, this mattress prevents roll-throughs at night.
  • Unwavering Support Incorporates a 12.5 gauge spring unit for exceptional structure.
  • Moulded Comfort Uses soothing memory foam to adhere to your unique body contour.
  • Hand Crafted Made in Ireland for best-in-class materials, quality, and attention-to-detail.

Memory Orthopaedic Mattress