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Children need a good night’s sleep more than any other age group as they are constantly growing, therefore regular healthy sleep is one of the most important factors supporting your child’s physical and mental development. So choosing the right mattress is extremely important in assisting a child’s growth but other factors, such as bed-wetting, also have to be taken into consideration.

If you find yourself having to remove pee out of our child’s mattress often, you’ll want to find a sturdy mattress that will stand the test of time (and bodily fluids). Similarly, no matter your child’s sleeping habits, you’ll want to find one that’s as toxin-free as possible to protect your child’s health.

And that is why we developed the Kool Kids Mattress, which uses a durable open coil spring system, thus greatly increasing the lifespan of the mattress. We wanted to make a mattress that was going to last your child through the years so we decided to go for a responsive framed edge support which strengthens the perimeter of the mattress. Another key benefit for this mattress is that is it turnable and your child can sleep on both sides.

At its core, this mattress is constructed with a medium firmness spring to offer evenly distributed support throughout the night. To prevent a spring feel, the spring is topped with a high-density insulator pad and a cushion of smart fibre comfort layers. As well as offering substantial support for growing bones and muscles, the breathable fibre comfort layers have an open-cell structure, which enables the free flow of air through the mattress.


  • Support – This eco- friendly, waterproof protection mattress  uses an open coil spring system for evenly distributed posture support for growing bones and muscles
  • Technology – Waterproof fabric technology – offers anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal protection
  • Irish-made– Produced in Tullamore, Offaly, with dedication and trusted techniques.

Cool Kids